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Fully Tiled Pool Builders in Newcastle - Pool Builders Newcastle

Enhance your pool area with the most popular option, a pool liner. The tile effect is suitable for all gardens and various pools, whereas the pattern forms a stunning contrast in your garden.

Fully Tiled Swimming Pool in Newcastle

swimming pool blue coloured tiles by Pool Builders Newcastle

This range of fully tiled swimming pools from Pool Builders Newcastle is designed and built by specialists in an award-winning company passionate about creating beautiful swimming pools that look great and will also last well into the future.

The tiles on our pools have been computer-designed to make sure they are laid as flat as possible, thus reducing any gaps or cracks appearing within twenty years of laying. We use this new system in every design we create, whether for an inground swimming pool or a decorative above-ground swimming pool. You can be assured that this will allow water to enter and exit the pools freely, thus giving you a clear view of the inside and pleasing aesthetics.


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    What is a tiled pool?

    A tiled pool is a fully enclosed pool that has been tiled from floor to roof and wall to wall. In swimming pools, the term “tiling” refers only to the internal lining or facing of a pool using different types of clay bricks and tiles.

    The appearance of a tiled pool is immaculate, especially when on home display in their gardens; they look great whether it’s my day or night as they’re lit up from inside!

    At Pool Builders Newcastle, we specialise in creating bespoke tiled pools that are tailor-made for your home. With years of experience designing and building unique inground swimming pools across Newcastle, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the best service and a quality finish.

    Our team of skilled tiling contractors takes their time, paying particular attention to the detail of the pool. IT is to ensure your pool is completed with precision and perfection, providing you with a stunning feature that will be admired by all who see it for years to come.

    Make Your Swimming Pool Unique With Tile

    If you want to make your pool stand out from the crowd, you need to make sure it has a unique feature. One of the most cost-effective ways is by using tile, our fully tiled swimming pools are trendy, and they come in all shapes and sizes.

    Most clients have small gardens that require a smaller option than an Olympic-sized pool, which would be too large for their requirements. If this sounds like your situation, why not look at our range of mini inground tiling pools? They can go in almost any sized garden area and with small dimensions will ensure that it doesn’t take over the whole space.

    They also come in different colours, and some more modern-looking tiles are available alongside classic style paving tiles which can increase any property’s value.

    Functional Advantages of Our Pool Tiles

    Our pool tiles will make your swimming pool extra functional and will increase your use of the pool. You can consider our tiled swimming pools a cheaper alternative for an in-ground spa, but with the endless possibilities to create a unique and beautiful pool design, one that you will be proud of.


    Pool tiles are resistant to wear and tear and are waterproof in a pool environment. Unlike traditional tiles, which are susceptible to chipping, cracking, or breaking, you can expect our tiles to last for many years to come.


    Pool tiles can easily be cleaned using standard household cleaners while also being suitable for saltwater pools and chlorine. They can be further protected with a tile sealant, giving your pool tiles that glossy finish.


    We offer all of our fully tiled swimming pools in three different sizes: 4 x 3.5m, 5 x 3.6m, and 6 x 4m. It allows you to work out the most suitable home based on the required surface area and price. The pool can still incorporate any features such as steps or seatings if needed.


    Our tiled swimming pool designs are simply endless. Still, we prefer to work alongside you on producing and unique designs rather than follow your preferences without offering any suggestions or alternatives. We will often recommend something completely different from what you had initially wanted, and sometimes it will even be better than what you had in mind!

    Why Choose Us?

    Our fully experienced tiled swimming pool builders are the best home experts in Newcastle. Our services include the design and construction of the tiled pool at your preferred site. Our team of well-qualified tiling professionals can help you build any garden pool, including round or rectangular shapes, as per your requirements. We offer a wide range of customised tiling solutions which match your budget as well as preference.

    With our competitive prices and fast turnaround times, you get to enjoy your swimming pool within the set date! No matter how complex your requirements are, we make sure that the swimming pool meets all your expectations.

    Our tiling services provide you with:

    Top-notch quality of products and materials
    A unique design that matches your taste and preference
    Flexible payment methods that match your convenience
    The best guarantee for a lifetime experience!

    With our vast range of tiled swimming pools available on sale, you can be sure to find one which perfectly suits your budget as well as requirement. We offer round shape and rectangular-shaped swimming pools customised according to the surface area and depth needed. Do you need an additional cleaning area? Our team of professionals will help build a fully tiled patio loo in front or at one side of the pool too! In addition, you can have a stunning built-in spa to increase the swimming experience. These are just some of our additional products and services available for your fully tiled swimming pool on sale!

    Affordable Luxury with Ceramic Mosaics Pool Tiles

    Glass mosaic pool tiles are also available, and we can match the same colour scheme as your bathroom or kitchen tiles to ensure your pool blends seamlessly into its surrounding environment.

    Tiling contractors Newcastle use glazed ceramic mosaic tiling for all pool designs and installations. This durable material will keep its appearance for many years while offering great value for money. The trend toward this luxury finish has been driven by rising pool prices, with some types of mosaics costing less than half as much as solid tiles.

    Tiles give a stylish look that makes your home appear more upmarket – but they are not just for those who live in large luxury homes. Pool Builders Newcastle can install ceramic tiles on cheaper above-ground pools, too, adding value and an improved appearance at the same time. The only requirement is that you want a fully tiled finish on your pool – if you prefer natural rock or brick walls, we will be able to help there too!

    no water swimming pool with sky blue colour tiles

    Sturdy and Durable Pool Tiles Made by Pool Builders Newcastle Process

    The pool tile installation process begins by first filling the area around the swimming pool with cement to provide a solid base for the pool tiles. Next, a cement barrier is applied and levelled at the bottom half of the walls to separate it from the upper section that will have ceramic or natural stone installed on top.

    It will provide extra strength around the pool tile area – but you can choose to install only ceramic tiles if you wish not to include any natural stone in your swimming pool design.

    Pool Builders Newcastle installs stainless steel brackets and decorates with an additional layer of cinder before installing any special finishes such as welded edges, hand-crafted grouting, or intricate mosaic patterns.


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