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Pool Builders Newcastle - Quality Concrete Pools

Custom Concrete Pools in Newcastle

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Live out your dreams and build your dream pool with Pool Builders Newcastle. We specialise in creating custom concrete pools that will fit in with your home and yard’s existing design, so it looks like it was always meant to be there. Our experience means you can relax while we do the job. All of our work is guaranteed for years against cracks and leaks so you can enjoy a worry-free swimming pool.

We are passionate about helping families enjoy the great outdoors, and we will work with you to create a pool that is ideal for your lifestyle.


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    Concrete Pools Are The Perfect Option For Your Backyard

    You may have heard the phrase ‘form and function’ – this is a perfect way to describe how concrete pools are designed. The shape of the pool will be customised to compliment your outdoor area while providing you with the functionality you need for entertaining and family fun.

    If you’re looking for a perfect addition to your backyard, then you’re in the right place. Pool Builders Newcastle can create something as unique pool as it is practical – a one-of-a-kind oasis for you and your family to enjoy.

    The design of these pools will reflect the surrounding environment and complement just about any outdoor space. If your home has a contemporary feel or demonstrates the style of an older era, then we’ll find a way to blend those elements into your new pool. You’ll be able to choose features like solar heating, hot tubs, or even waterfalls so that you can personalise every aspect of this space to fit your needs perfectly.

    The benefits of having a concrete pool

    Concrete pools are ideal for several reasons:


    Concrete pools last up to three times longer than other types of pools and are very easy to maintain. It makes it the perfect option if you want your collection to be here long after you’ve finished enjoying it.

    Concrete is one of the most versatile materials in existence. Our concrete builders, Newcastle, will work with architects and designers to ensure that your design is brought to life perfectly.


    Concrete pools allow you to personalise your space in a way that suits your needs perfectly.

    A concrete pool is a perfect addition to any house, and it allows you to take advantage of its incredible advertising and promotional opportunities. In addition, your concrete pool will make an impression on family and friends alike when they visit. It offers excellent entertainment for children of all ages and is a source of fun for everyone involved.


    Concrete pools are more than just pools.

    They have a beautiful finish that can be painted or stained to suit your needs, and they look fantastic against the backdrop of your backyard. They will all add an attractive touch that will stand out in any direction.


    Concrete is incredibly easy to clean, making it much easier for you to keep your concrete pool looking great. It is also strong enough not to worry about accidental damage occurring through play or roughhousing with pets and children. Materials and colours – Our expert team at Pool Builders Newcastle uses only the best materials when constructing your pool, ensuring that it will last for years without fault if adequately maintained.

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    Why choose Pool Builders Newcastle for my new Concrete Pool?

    If you’re looking for the best concrete pool builders in the Newcastle region, Pool Builders Newcastle is your best choice. We offer concrete pool builders services to residential and commercial clients in all surrounding suburbs of Newcastle.

    Our expert staff at Pool Builders Newcastle have been building custom pools for years – we know what it takes to deliver the highest standard, well-constructed pool available. That’s why some of our past clients continue to trust us with their pool maintenance today!

    expert staff at Pool Builders Newcastle have been building custom pools

    How much does it cost to install a concrete pool?

    It is a common question asked by many people who are considering purchasing a new pool. Hard to believe, but it doesn’t cost much at all! Here at Pool Builders Newcastle, we have helped families from all across our region install a new custom made swimming pool that fits their budget.

    A concrete pool can cost anywhere between $50,000-$100,000, depending on how big you want the pool to be. And that’s not including the cost of maintenance and chemicals over time, which shouldn’t be too hard given how affordable a concrete pool is to install!


      Pool Builders Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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