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Local Plunge Pool Builders in Newcastle

circular shaped plunge pool installation

Live out your dreams and build your dream pool with Pool Builders Newcastle. We specialise in creating custom concrete pools that will fit in with your home and yard’s existing design, so it looks like it was always meant to be there. Our experience means you can relax while we do the job. All of our work is guaranteed for years against cracks and leaks so you can enjoy a worry-free swimming pool.

We are passionate about helping families enjoy the great outdoors, and we will work with you to create a pool that is ideal for your lifestyle.


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    Small Pools That Provide Huge Benefits

    A plunge pool is ideal for many reasons. For instance, a small size pool can be built within almost any back garden. You can also add style to your plunge pool by installing a colourful tile surround or design it with an attractive waterfall feature wall – giving you the perfect addition to both practicality and aesthetics.

    In addition to providing a great swimming area for you and your family, a plunge pool is excellent at keeping children active as they are more likely to engage in regular exercise if there is one installed in their home.

    Aside from being fun for the whole family, plunge pools offer several benefits, including:

    Small space requirement
    Relaxation and exercise
    Easy to clean
    Low energy consumption
    Lower installation fees

    The Perfect Pool For Your Newcastle Home

    The perfect new addition to your backyard, plunge pools have gained popularity in the last few years. It’s no surprise that more and more homeowners choose to have this type of pool installed as it has several appealing qualities compared with other styles.

    And here at Pool Builders Newcastle, we know all there is to know about plunge pools – from installation and maintenance to adding accessories such as waterfalls, lighting systems, and wall surrounds – we do it all!

    Bringing your ideas to life, we will work with you from start to finish. We can even help look after your pool long after building if you would like us to. This service comes completely free when you choose Pool Builders Newcastle!

    Choosing The Right Pool Style For Your Home

    Plunge pools should be designed so that they complement other aspects of your yard – such as its landscaping or architecture – and should fit in naturally without looking out of place. These pools are available in various sizes based on the area you want them to take up in your yard.

    There are also a few different styles of plunge pools.

    Rounded Corners

    the rounded corner plunge pool comes with a variety of different looks. It can be an attractive pool design choice for many homes, and it is relatively affordable as well.

    Hexagonal Pools

    these pools are just what they sound like – hexagons that have been linked together to create the plunge pool shape. Even though this does not usually look quite natural in your yard, the price tag makes up for this. The initial cost is much lower than other designs, but you will still receive excellent quality.


    these are very cost-friendly, and they make a great looking addition to any home. It is not always immediately apparent what the shape of the pool is, which can be an advantage if you want this feature in your yard but do not want people to know that it is there.

    Triangle-shaped plunge pools

    these offer something a bit different from the other shapes discussed here and is much more visually stimulating than some of the others.

    Sharp-angled pools

    these are great for creating an elaborate display in the yard, and because of their dramatic angles, they can add some depth to any landscape.

    Why Choose Us?

    Whether you’re looking for a small plunge pool for your own home or need to find a trusted pool builder who can construct commercial pools, we are the company that you should contact. We have contractors located all over Australia, with Newcastle being one of the cities where they are based. Their services include designing and constructing custom-made swimming pools in the area.

    The team behind Pool Builders Newcastle has years of experience in this industry. As such, it does not matter what kind of swimming pool you want to install – whether it’s an elegant lap pool or just a single rectangular plunge – our specialists can build it perfectly. With us on your side, you will get excellent customer service along with the highest quality work and materials used for construction.

    newly constructed plunge pool with crystal clear water

    What is a Plunge Pool?

    A plunge pool is a swimming pool that usually comes with tile work or stone walls, and both of them are typically constructed out of natural stone. The average size of a plunge pool is 2 x 1.6 metres, and it’s generally been built in two steps; first, the walls are made, then the floor is constructed. It is also raised higher than a standard swimming pool, with both the tile work and stone walls serving as retaining walls for water.

    Our company has more information about the process and the benefits of installing plunge pools, so if you live in Newcastle, contact us today for a one-on-one consultation.

    Having our plunge pools installed will add value to your home because they can be used for various purposes – besides swimming laps or relaxing in a bathtub, you can also use them as a water feature during social gatherings. This type of backyard addition will make your place stand out among others!

    pool design that reflect the surrounding environment

    How much does it cost to build a plunge pool at home?

    The plunge pool is very affordable, which is one reason why people in Newcastle have already had it installed. The average cost to build a plunge pool in your backyard ranges from $50,000 to $60.000 – however, you can bring down the price if you hire Pool Builders Newcastle for its construction. We are known for building high-quality pools at affordable prices because we only use quality materials and pass on savings to our clients. Our company constantly researches on the newest industry trends so we will always provide you with topnotch services.


      Pool Builders Newcastle Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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